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The Comics Journal No. 302, 2013

This comics criticism annual features career-spanning interviews with Maurice Sendak and Jacques Tardi, a kids’ comics roundtable moderated by Art Spiegelman, and much more.

Philip Nel, Wild Things, Children and Art: The Life and Work of Maurice Sendak (12)

Art Spiegelman, Maurice Sendak Tribute (28)

Maurice Sendak (30)
Interview by Gary Groth

Alexander Theroux, Mr. Grumpy in Kiddiebookland or a Textbook case of the Anti-Self (110)

Gene Deitch, Maurice Sendak: The Wild Thing Who Was… (126)

The Nostradamus Project: Joe Sacco (145)

Albert and Robert by Bob Levin (161)

Mort Weisinger Talking at Parties (223)
Tom Crippen

Toon Treasury Think Tank! (236)
Moderated by Art Spiegelman With Bill Alger, Michael Barrier, Chris Duffy, Bob Heer, Jeet Heer, Paul Karasik, Charles Kochman, Paul Levitz, Seth, Jeff Smith, Monte Wolverton, and Frank Young

Bloody Massacre: How Fredric Wertham, Public Backlash, and the 1953 Senate Hearings Threw the Comics Industry on the Bonfire (361)
Warren Bernard

Authors Meet Images: Cartoonists Before Comics (408)
Gavin Callaghan

The Forgotten Bill Hume and Babysan (433)
RC Harvey

Skippy: Percy Crosby’s Self-Starter (456)
Donald Phelps

The Roy Crane Interview (460)
Lew Sayre Schwartz

How to Draw Buz Sawyer (477)
Roy Crane

Wages of Love Chester Brown’s True Romance Comix (505)
Tim Kreider

Difficult Comics (515)
Rich Kreiner

Comics (529)
The Doodledad: Lewis Trondheim

“Life’s too short to be an asshole”: The Legacy of Dylan Williams as told by his peers and the artists he published (459)
Rob Clough

Jacques Tardi T2
Interviewed by Kim Thompson

Lost History or Return to Rue de la Gare T92
Matthias Wivel