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The Comics Journal No. 232, April 2001

Featuring interviews with Steve Conley, Rick Veitch, Scott McCloud, Tristan Farnon, Mark Martin, Spain, Peter Bagge, and Renee French.

Blood and Thunder (p.3)

Newswatch (p. 5)

Scott McCloud, “Zot! Online” (p. 29)
Gary Goth, “McCloud Cuckoo-Land” (p. 32)

Steve Conley (p. 51)
Rick Veitch (p. 59)
Scott McCloud (p. 64)
Tristan Farnon (p. 80)
Mark Martin (p. 90)
Spain (p. 92)
Peter Bagge (p. 93)
Renee French (p. 95)

Viva La Comix: “In Memory of our Dearly Departed Computers” (p. 26)
Hit List (p. 42)
History of Comics Fandom (p. 97)
Comicopia: “The State of Art Drawing of the Comic Strip: A Hopeful Interim Report” (p. 101)
End Times: “ The Postcredal Epoch and the Death of Truth” (p. 110)