TCJ Archive

The Comics Journal No. 233, May 2001

Featuring interviews with Daniel Clowes and Seth Tobocman.

Blood and Thunder (p. 3)

Newswatch (p. 6)

David Miller, “Guido Crepax: German Editions of Italian Pornography” (p. 27)
Ng Suat Tong, “Umezu Kazuo: Japanese Overtures to Madness and Death” (p. 28)
Bill Randall, “ Adult Manga: May I see Some ID?” (p.32)
Leonard Rifas, “World Comics: Finland Provides Cartoons for the World” (p. 33)
Stefano Priarone, “ A Different World: An Overview of Bonelli Comics, Part I” (p. 33)

Jochen Garcke, “Goethe and the Little Asshole: an Overview of German Comics” (p. 37)
John A. Lent, “Survival Is Name of Game for Cuban Cartoonists” (p. 41)
Hongying Liu-lengyel, “Man Hua: Cartoons and Comics in China Before 1949 (p. 43)
Stefano Priarone, “Peanuts? No, Linus: Sparky and the Damned Intellectuals” (p. 45)
John A. Lent, ”Iran, A Country Teeming with Cartoonists” (p. 46)
John A. Lent, “The Rock-and-a-Hard-Place Options of Cartooning in Southern Africa” (p. 49)

Daniel Clowes (p. 52)
Seth Tobocman (p. 78)

Viva La Comix: “TCJ’s Ghost World With Anne and Carrie” (p. 24)
Comicopia: “The Graphic Novel, Will Eisner, and Other Pioneers” (p. 103)
History of Comics Fandom (p. 107)
Euro Comics For Beginners: Anke Feuchtenberger: Too Bizarre and Beautiful Batman” (p. 110)
Meet the Comics Press: “An International View:Tripwire and Just Comics and More” (p. 114)

Daniel Clowes (Front Cover)