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The Comics Journal No. 286, November 2007

Featuring interviews with Posy Simmonds and Gail Simone.


Blood & Thunder (p. 15)


Greg Stump and staff, Journal Datebook (p. 17)


Paul Gravett, The Posy Simmonds Interview (p. 26)
Shaenon Garrity, The Gail Simone Interview (p. 68)



Greg Stump, “The Salon” (p. 92)
Rob Vollmar, “Fell” (p. 94)
“Antique Bakery”
Mark Arnold, “Harvey Comics Classics Vol. 1” and “Harvey Comics Classics Vol. 2” (p. 96)
Rich Kreiner, “Elephantmen” (p. 100)
Chris Mautner, “Manga: The Complete Guide” (p. 102)
Kristian Williams, “Macedonia” (p. 104)
Bill Randall, “Just When You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Worse” (p. 106)
Adam Stephanides, “Narration in Pictures” (p. 108)
Noah Berlatsky, “Schultz’s Youth” (p. 110)
Craig Fischer, “Hugs: Bloodpond” (p. 112)
Mini-reviews of Elvis Road, Kafka, The Saga of Bloody Benders, Bizenghast, Project X: Cup Noodle, Alias the Cat, Tanpenshu, Tiny Tyrant, Arf Forum, Private Stash, Deadman: Deadman Walking, Batman Snow, Empowered Vol. 1, The Blue Beetle Companion, Bound By Law?, Click, Masters of the Comic Book Universe Revealed! and Hickee #3 (p. 129)
Jared Gardner, Otto Soglow’s The Ambassador (p. 124)


R. Fiore, Funnybook Roulette: “The Fate of Fun and the Ultimate Cool Uncle” (p. 166)
R.C. Harvey, Comicopia: “Legacy Strips vs. New Blood” (p. 173)
Rich Kreiner, Meet the Comics Press: “Academia Funnybookia” (p. 183)
Coming Comics (p. 188)