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The Comics Journal No. 287, January 2008

Featuring interviews with Jeffrey Brown and Greg Rucka.


Greg Stump and staff, Journal Datebook (p. 20)

Greg Stump, The Jeffrey Brown Interview (p. 26)
Andrew Farago, The Greg Rucka interview (p. 66)


Chris Mautner, “The Blot” (p. 92)
Bill Randall, “Things Just Get Away From You” (p. 94)
Rich Kreiner, Misery Loves Comedy (p. 95)
Rich Kreiner, Lone Racer (p. 98)
Bill Randall, Notes for a War Story (p. 100)
Bill Sherman, The Grave Robber’s Daughter and Delphine #1 (p.103)
Rich Kreiner, Ex Machina Vol. 5 (p. 105)
Kent Worcester, Reading Comics (p. 107)
Kristian Williams, Defenders of Freedom (p. 109)
Simon Abrams, Casanova (p. 110)
Noah Berlatsky, Parasyte #1 (p. 111)
Rob Vollmar, Translucent Vol. 1 (p. 112)
Tim O’Neil, In the Studio (p. 114)
Mini-reviews of The Mad War on Bush, Batman Secrets, The Homeless Channel, Interiorae, Loserpalooza, Sandman Mystery Theater, Nana Vol. 5, Rocketo Vol. 2, Injury #1 and East Coast Rising Vol. 1 (p. 116)
Donald Phelps, The Non-Krazy Kat Comics of George Heerriman (p. 122)


Tom Crippen, Post-Human Review: “The Night Thoughts of Mort Weisinger” (p. 166)
Donald Phelps, The Observer: “Earnest Considerations: The Short Stories of Paul Goodman” (p. 171)
Rich Kreiner, Meet the Comics Press: “Review Review” (p. 173)
Tim O’Neil, Ctrl-Alt-Delete: “Meet the New Boss/Same As the Old Boss” (p. 176)
Kenneth Smith, Time Out of Joint: “The Crypto-Revolution of Our Age” (p. 182)
Coming Comics (p. 186)