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The Comics Journal No. 279, November 2006

Featuring interviews with Joost Swarte and Johnny Ryan; Gary Groth on Eisner and Miller; Trina Robbins on Lily Renée; Donald Phelps on Cliff Sterrett.


Michael Dean, “Opening Shot” (p. 7)


Blood & Thunder (p. 21)


Greg Stump and staff, Journal Datebook (p. 23)


David Peniston, The Joost Swarte Interview (p. 36)
Noah Berlatsky, The Johnny Ryan Interview (p. 64)


Gary Groth, “Eisner/Miller” (p. 88)

Kent Worcester, “Comics As Philosophy”

Bill Randall, “Kramers Ergot 6” (p. 95)

Tom Crippen, “Sloth” (p. 98)

Kent Worcester, “The 9/11 Report” (p. 101)

Rob Vollmar, “Can’t Get No” (p. 103)

Tom Crippen, “Attitude” (p. 105)

Adam Stephanides, “American Born Chinese” (p. 107)

Rob Vollmar, “Journey Into Mohawk Country” (p. 109)

Rich Kreiner, “Dungeon Twilight” (p. 110)

Noah Berlatsky, “Every Girl is the End of the World For Me” (p. 113)

Mini-reviews of Drawn & Quarterly Showcase 3, The Bakers, Concrete, The Illustrated Jane Eyre, The Illustrated Dracula, Kampung Boy, Nog a Dod, Like Rabbits, The Backwards Folding Mirror #2, Brownsville, The Great Catsby, Lady Snowblood, Spiral-Bound, I Love Led Zeppelin, A Scanner Darkly, City of Tomorrow, Moomin, Midnight Sun, Passionella and Other Stories, Crickets and Blood, Debt and Fears (p. 115)



Donald Phelps, “Fool’s Paradise: The Zany Splendor of Cliff Sterrett’s Polly and Her Pals (p. 127)
Trina Robbins, “Lily Renée Comics” (p. 134)


Daniel Holloway, “Minimalism” (p. 175)

R.C. Harvey, Comicopia: “Poetry and Graphic Novels: Can Adaptation Succeed?” (p. 181)

Bill Randall, Lost In Translation; “Somebody Somewhere: The Comics and Films of Wisut Ponnimit” (p. 185)

John A. Lent, Speaking in Tongues: “Nigar Nazar” (p. 191)