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The Comics Journal No. 278, October 2006

Featuring interviews of Bill Willingham and Bob Haney; reviews of Fun Home, Zap Comix #15, and more; a tribute to Jaxon.


Michael Dean, “Goodbye Old News” (p. 18)


Greg Stump and staff, Journal Datebook (p. 50)


Dirk Deppey, The Bill Willingham Interview (p. 64)
Michael Catron, The Bob Haney Interview pt. 2 (p. 168)


Craig Fischer, Lost Girls (p. 136)

Tom Crippen, “Hey-Yoh!” (p. 139)

Noah Berlatsky, “Accepting Porn as Your Personal Savior” (p. 141)

Rich Kreiner, “The Ticking” (p. 144)

Kent Worcester, “Castle Waiting” (p. 147)

Rob Vollmar, “Pyongyang”

Frank Stack, “Everett Raymond Kinstler” (p. 152)

Tom Crippen, “Fun Home” (p. 154)

Rob Vollmar, “Zap Comix #15” (p. 156)

Donald Phelps, “The Squirrel Mother” (p. 158)

Tom Underhill, “Mome Spring/Summer 2006” (p. 160)

Greg Stump, “Art Out of Time”  (p. 162)

Bill Randall, “Chicken with Plums” (p. 164)

Mini-reviews of “The Stacks”, “Mutts Sunday Evenings” and “Cry Me to Sleep” (p. 166)

“A Tribute to Jaxon” With contributions from Patrick Rosenkranz, Gary Groth, R. Crumb, Kim Deitch, Spain, S. Clay Wilson, Gilbert Shelton, Frank Stack, Bill Griffith, Leonard Rifas and Victor Moscoso (p. 20)
Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr., “Orestes Calpini Comics” (p. 98)


Greg Cwiklik, “Chris Ware at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago” (p. 186)

Jeet Heer, “Guy Davenport as Cartoonist” (p. 189)