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The Comics Journal No. 250, February 2003

Featuring interviews with Herge, Gary Panter, and Raymond Briggs; the Carl Barks and John Stanley Panel; Charles Shulz on Developing a comic strip.

Why Team Comics is Still a Bad Idea by Tom Spurgeon (p. 1)

Newswatch (p. 7)
The Neil Gaiman-Todd McFarlane Trial (p. 17)

The Carl Barks & John Stanley Panel (p. 159)
Back to the Drawing Board, Daniel Clowes Interview (p. 163)
The Herge Interview (p. 180)
The Gary Panter Interview (p. 206)
The Raymond Briggs Interview (p. 255)

Charles Schulz, Developing a Comic Strip (p. 105)
Ng Suat Tong, EC and the Chimera of Memory (p. 115)
Megan Kelso, Riding the High-Horse (p. 123)
The Jack Kent-Milton Caniff Letters with Jeet Heer (p. 126),
Bob Levin Teddy Bears’ Picnic (p. 129)
Kim Thompson, Herge: His Life and Work (p. 176)

Best Comic of 2002 #5 by Tom Crippen (p. 40)
Best Comic of 2002 #4 by Gregory Cwiklik (p. 43)
Best Comic of 2002 #3 by Matthew Surridge (p. 46)
Best Comic of 2002 #2 by Rich Kreiner (p. 49)
The Best Comic of 2002 by Ng Suat Tong (p. 52)
The Emerging Talent of the Year by Daniel Holloway (p. 55)
The Re-Emerging Talent of the Year by R.C. Harvey (p. 59)
That’s Not Funny by Tim Kreider (p. 67)
Three Giant Gaps in Asian Cartooning by John Lent (p. 89)
London Calling: 2002 British Comics by Paul Gravett (p. 93)

Minimalism (p. 63)
Comicopia (p. 75)
Euro-Comics for Beginners (p. 83)
Funnybook Roulette (p. 99)
Lost in Translation (p. 109)

Screw-Style by Yoshiharu Tsuge’s, translated by Bill Randall