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The Comics Journal No. 251, March 2003

Featuring an interview with James Sturm; the pioneers of UG Comics Panel; Ana Merino on comics as design; Trina Robbins on classics.

Newswatch (p. 11)

Blood and Thunder (p. 3)

Reading Classics/Writing Classics by Trina Robbins (p. 59)
Comics Transformed Into Design by Ana Merino (p. 62)

The James Sturm Interview (p. 77)
The Pioneers of UG Comix Panel (p. 116)

Birds of a Feather by Gregory Cwiklik (p. 44)
Quick Twirls with a Real Looker by Rich Kreiner (p. 45)
The Son of Tintin Examined by Paul Gravett (p. 46)
A Silent Man’s Unfinished Declaration by David A. Berona (p. 48)
Australia’s Funniest Cross to Bear by David Groenewegen (p. 50)
Blackbird Not Speaking in the Dead of Night by David A. Berona (p. 52)
Brinkley Girl Interrupted by Paul Gravett (p. 53)
Bullet Reviews (p. 54)

Spot On! (p. 9)
Download (p. 38)
Meet the Comics Press (p. 41)