Today we introduce a new column, Mad About Music: My Life in Records, which is more or less what it sounds like. The surprising part is its author, one of the greatest working cartoonists alive, Kim Deitch. This should take some unexpected twists... First installment here.

Also, we have a review of Sam Kieth's Arkham Asylum: Madness, written by a new reviewer, Nicholas Gazin. You may know him from his regular comics column in Vice.

We have missed sending you to many, many links lately. Here are a few of them.

The Paris Review stole our concept! (Don't say it.)

Rob Clough supplements his TCJ 301 article on the Center for Cartoon Studies with a couple of online spinoff pieces on visiting artist Eddie Campbell, and some of the school's more offbeat advisors.

Marc Sobel makes a case for Emmanuel Guibert's The Photographer.

James Romberger makes a case for the really late Jack Kirby stuff. I love the man's late work, but this is around when I start to lose interest.

If you follow all the links in a typical Mindless Ones blog post, you can lose days of your life. So beware this one on Mark Millar.

They also have an interview with Chris Burnham, a new superhero artist whose work is actually worth seeking out.

Michel Fiffe is an under-appreciated comics blogger. This is funny.

I haven't read this whole Chris Claremont interview yet, but I like anecdotes that include Al Jaffee and Stan Lee.

We've barely begun to get good critical work done on Harvey Pekar.

The skeptic PZ Myers recaps a recent Alan Moore appearance at the Cheltenham Science Festival, in which Moore explained his views on magic to a group of scientists. Essential for Moorologists. (via)

Finally, two convention reports from this year's HeroesCon, one from Shannon Smith, and another from former organizer Dustin Harbin. I've only been to one of the HeroesCons, but it was one of my favorites, and I like keeping up with the event's evolution.

Finally, this doesn't sound like a good idea, but somehow I doubt it will happen. Dapper Dan is already contacting publicists.