One for the Books

Today on the site:

Tucker Stone rolls in with his weekly bundle of comics.

Gabrielle Gamboa wraps up her week-long diary for us with a photo & drawing narrative combo. I've enjoyed having Gabby's beautiful watercolor work grace our site.


This will, I'm sure, be sussed out in the coming days, but the Siegel family lost a major ruling in the Superman litigation.

Oldster corner: Vintage Swedish posters for Hollywood films. And some fine work by John Held Jr., who is always better than I remember him. Sometimes in my foggy brain I think "oh, the flapper stuff", but then I see something and it's sharp and he worked with such range. Nice examination of a Kirby/Fantastic Four sequence here.

In more current biz, Tom Spurgeon interviewed Mark Waid. And Nick Gazin does a best-to-worst round-up. I like a "Best of" list that proclaims itself the best "Best of" list. And it's really a good list.

I am, like a few other people I know, excited for the return of Girls. And here's Lena Dunham's ideal bookshelf, complete with Doucet (underrated choice) and Clowes, as every bookshelf should be. I'll always have a soft spot for her work since she featured Multiforce in Tiny Furniture. What can I say.