On Our Travels

Today on the site we remember and pay tribute to Maurice Sendak. Philip Nel has written a comprehensive obituary. Nel has also posted a personal reminiscence on his blog. And we've begun a series of tributes from Sendak's colleagues, which we will continue to update in the coming days.


Aaron Renier posted a moving tribute to Sendak on his site.

In Marvel news, Tom Spurgeon writes about donating to the Hero Initiative in light of the Avengers movie. And Rob Steibel digs up a 1968 Stan Lee interview from Castle of Frankenstein #12. A relative rarity from the days before the hype vibe completely calcified.

Daniel Clowes is having a busy couple months. Here's a fine Artforum interview with him, focusing on his current retrospective, by TCJ-contributor Naomi Fry. And now he has a YouTube channel, too!

Speaking of motion, apparently Jodorowsky is crowd-funding his next movie. And Wired asks and answers "how the streaming revolution is changing the Japanese animation industry".