Let’s Fan

Today on the site: Robert Kirby on Tom Van Deusen's  I Wish I Was Joking.

I Wish I Was Joking is a short collection of Tom Van Deusen comics that originally appeared in publications and series such as Intruder, The Seattle Weekly, and Sam Henderson’s The Magic Whistle. Van Deusen describes these strips as “nonfiction, autobiographical” comics, but each story is clearly a tall tale of escalating absurdity. A few describe Van Deusen’s creepy encounters with famous people and reality television contestants that clearly never happened. But that’s the fun: Van Deusen’s keen sense of the ridiculous and wise-guy comic timing create stories that are over before you want them to be.


It's Comic-Con right now, so here's a pretty good history of the event from Rolling Stone. 

There's a very fine looking Quentin Blake exhibition up in London.