Frozen Out

Today on the site we have the great Patrick Rosenkranz with a profile of underground legend Spain Rodriguez. Patrick focuses mostly on Spain's Buffalo history, which not coincidentally is also the subject of the artist's brand-new book, Cruisin' with the Hound. Here's some flavor:

Fred Tooté also gets star treatment in Cruisin’ With the Hound. Spain, Tooté and their buddy Tex are like the Three Musketeers – fighting, philosophizing, cruising for babes, drinking in bars, scarfing Watt’s famous Bar-B-Q pork sandwiches, and driving up and down the avenues, looking for excitement. Fred is the craziest by far, driving like a maniac, climbing up the walls of buildings, espousing outlandish theories, and making a public display of himself whenever possible. Inhibitions are not part of his makeup. Once he got into booze and speed, it all went up a notch, recalls Spain. “Fred collected National Enquirer when it was real gory and he would go through these periodic things of finding Jesus. When he came down from the speed he’d have some kind of return to Jesus so he ripped up all his National Enquirers.”

Elsewhere, there's more on yesterday's interview with Chris Roberson, as well as reflections on DC Comics and creator's rights in general. First from Tom Spurgeon and then, at length, from Heidi MacDonald, who explores a little-known event last fall.

Happier links are out there, too, like this fine piece by Steven Brower on cartoonists who went into advertising. And this NY Times article on the state of sports cartooning. Not to mention this fine interview with Guy Delisle by Mike Rhode, and the always happy event of more Michael Deforge comics.