Excerpt: You Died

Thanks to Iron Circus Comics, we're pleased to share this excerpt from You Died, their recently released graphic novel anthology. Here's what they had to say about what it's all about:

You Died: An Anthology of the Afterlife--an anthology from Iron Circus Comics edited by Kel McDonald and Andrea Purcell--is all about death, but really it's about death positivity, a movement made famous by mortician Caitlin Doughty who provides the book's introduction. In stories that cover grief, afterlife, funerals, and decomposition to name a few, death is repositioned as something to discuss and examine and experience as a natural part of life. In this exclusive excerpt from the story "Funeral and Foam," Casey Gilly and Raina Telgemeier recall the passing of a close family member and those uniquely excruciating moments right afterwards.