Excerpt: Innocent Omnibus Vol. 1

Courtesy of Dark Horse, we’re pleased to share this excerpt from Innocent, a forthcoming translation of a 2013-15 seinen manga series from cult artist Shin'ichi Sakamoto. The first omnibus volume will run 632 pages, translated to English by Michael Gombos and lettered by Susie Lee & Studio Cutie. The publisher describes Innocent like this:

In this omnibus edition collecting volumes 1-3 of the original manga series, Shin'ichi Sakamoto masterfully fictionalizes the true life of Charles-Henri Sanson, the "Gentleman of Paris," who performed nearly three thousand executions in 18th century France.

Born into a family of executioners, Charles-Henri Sanson must take up his father's mantle as the Royal Executioner of Paris. Conflicted between his desire to honor the family name and rebelling against the longstanding practice, he chooses to follow tradition, but vows to be the last executioner--the last Sanson to spill blood in the name of justice.

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Innocent Omnibus Vol. 1 will be available to purchase on November 22, 2023.