A Little Dazed

Well, I have power but Tim over in New Jersey doesn't. We're gonna run this site a little half-speed because things are just a little chaotic anyway. A little... strange.

Anyhow, today we have Isaac Cates' installment in the Ware/Building Stories essay series.

I finished reading Building Stories about an hour ago, and I’m already late on my deadline. Building Stories is big. It takes time to absorb. Even unpacking all the materials from the box requires time and space that I should have been giving to other things. (I have fantasies of building the paper model of the building that Drawn & Quarterly was selling at SPX, but those are mostly fantasies about having enough uncommitted time to assemble a huge, delicate, detailed model.)

-Elsewhere the big news is that Disney bought Lucasfilm. Lots of excitement in the world of merch!

-Here are some really fine drawings by Kevin Huizenga. I involuntarily smiled looking at these.

-The Paris Review interviews Adrian Tomine.

-And finally, you might wonder why I do this. Why persist? Why exist and care about comics? Well, here's your answer, starring cartoonists Frank Thorne and Wendy Pini: