Today on the site, Anya Davidson reviews Dan Clowes' long-awaited Patience. 

The male ego gone awry has been a theme in Dan Clowes’ work since the beginning of his long and spectacular career. One thing that makes his best work so indispensable is his rigorous examination of the topic from many perspectives, both male and female. Even very troubled characters become sympathetic thanks to his uncanny ear for dialogue and his trenchant sense of humor.

And RJ Casey profiles the prolific young cartoonist Adam Buttrick. 

Buttrick is a 31-year-old Michigan native who for the past three years has made his home in Columbus, Ohio. He is married and studied Japanese and history in college. He has been drawing comics “in one form or another since childhood,” but says that he didn’t become serious about it until 2009, when he first attended, and was inspired by, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. In just a few short years, he has garnered tremendous praise and appreciation: a “Notable Comics” recognition in The Best American Comics 2014, an Igantz Award nomination, a 17-page spread in The Best American Comics 2015, and an invitation to contribute in the next installment of Kramers Ergot.


I want to remind everyone again about the Queer Japan Kickstarter.

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The NYT covers the NY Review Comics imprint. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, Marvel CEO and renowned nice man is involved in something...weird.