Joe McCulloch has your weekly guide to the most interesting-sounding new comics in stores, plus some thoughts on Dragon Ball Z.

The nostalgia I felt watching the film had really nothing to do with anime or manga; I'd never even watched Dragon Ball Z on television. No, what struck me was how much this movie felt like an old Marvel superhero comics Annual, cramming a whole bunch of characters together for a 'big' (yet somehow also low-stakes) story set in active continuity but not especially effective thereupon.

And Aron Nels Steinke offers the second installment in his week as our Cartoon Diarist.

Meanwhile, elsewhere:

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Rob Clough continues an informal series of reviews on autobio comics with a piece on Corinne Mucha.

Greg Reese writes about Guy Colwell's Inner City Romance.

—Interviews. Someone calling themselves Neonpajamas talks to Jon Vermilyea.

Zack Smith talks to (Christopher) Priest about Black Panther.

—Money. This is a lot of money.

The most dedicated critic in alternative comics, Rob Clough, is raising funds.