SDCC12: Love and Rockets 30th Anniversary Panel

Love and Rockets from The Comics Journal on Vimeo.

Gary Groth interviews Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario Hernandez about 30 years of of Love and Rockets. Filmed by Justin Bloch and David McCloud.

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3 Responses to SDCC12: Love and Rockets 30th Anniversary Panel

  1. Carol says:

    How do we watch this?

  2. Tim Hodler says:

    You should be able to just click on the video… maybe there’s a problem with your browser?

  3. Carol, I’ve had trouble with Vimeo videos on several different computers. The only way I can watch an embedded Vimeo video is to right click on it, then click “watch on Vimeo.” That takes me to the actual Vimeo page, where the video will be watchable. Just clicking on the video on this page won’t do anything.

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