Rise of an Empire

As many of you know, ever since this site relaunched three years ago, Kristy Valenti and her team have been diligently working behind the scenes to upload back issues of The Comics Journal to our digital archives. Today, we are pleased to announce that every issue of the original print magazine up to #300 is now available online to subscribers. This really is the deal of the century for anyone interested in the contemporary history of comics -- if you want to understand how we got where we are today, there is no better place to look than The Comics Journal.

Complete access to our archives is available both with a subscription to the magazine's print edition, and via digital-only subscription.

5 Responses to Rise of an Empire

  1. I’ve been trying to get access but it keeps sending me back to my profile. Anyone else having this problem?

  2. Tim Hodler says:

    Sorry to hear that, Sam. To anyone else with problems, please send questions about digital subscriptions and access to archives to

  3. Sammy says:

    The digital archive is cool but it will be really cool when you can get to an article on page 168 of a given issue without having to click through 167 pages first.
    PDF downloads pleaze.

  4. patrick ford says:

    Sammy, I figured out a fairly easy way to navigate an issue.

    What you do is find your issue. Say an interview with Charles Burns:
    You click on:
    TCJ Subscribers: Click here to read the full issue.
    Which get you here:
    Advance to the table of contents and find the interview:
    Note the page number of the interview “52” and manipulate the last two (sometimes three if the hundreds turns over) digits in the address bar:
    Change 14609 to 14661 and:

  5. patrick ford says:

    BTW. Tim/Dan/Gary.
    Is TCJ Library Vol. 9 which is available for pre-order included as an option of the free TCJ Library offer with the 3 year sub.? Also does the digital access to the archive end with the release of an issue which is the last in the subscriptions term, or does it end with the release of the issue not covered by the subscription.


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