Not Very Observant

We're back from the long weekend here.

Patrick Rosenkranz has written the obituary for the crucial underground figure Gary Arlington.

Gary Arlington started what might have been the world’s first comic book shop in San Francisco’s Mission District in 1968. The San Francisco Comic Book Company began inauspiciously in a small storefront on 23rd Street, where he offered duplicate copies of his EC Comics collection for sale. By a twist of fate, the store became ground central for the explosion of underground comix that began that same year with the publication of Zap Comix #1 by an unknown artist named Robert Crumb. Arlington soon began to sell Zapalong with his vintage comics and new Marvel and DC titles.

And it's Tuesday so, as I write this, one Joe McCulloch of Pennsylvania is frantically writing the week in comics.


Well, Marjane Satrapi has directed a Ryan Reynolds movie about a guy who takes killing commands from his cats. That's sort of awesome.

The Washington Post on Bill Finger. Tom Spurgeon interviews Ron Marz.

Chris Mautner interviews Kevin Scalzo.

Comics about the Civil Rights movement. 

A couple year-end lists.... Forbidden Planet and Jared Gardner.

2 Responses to Not Very Observant

  1. Rand Hoppe says:

    Finger link is busted.

  2. Dave Hartley says:

    Finger linking good :-
    Batman’s ‘secret’ co-creator died 40 years ago today. What’s it take to get him some credit? *(A.: Author hopes Google can help.) – Comic Riffs – The Washington Post

    Even given that I’m a deeply cynical old scrote who thinks every day should be ‘give Google the finger’ day, isn’t there something a tad inappropriate about celebrating Bill Finger by getting him a gig humanizing the IP of a giant corporation ?

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