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Lisa Hanawalt

Lisa Hanawalt joins me in the Talkie Hutt for a lively chat about comics, humor writing, performing, relationships with other creators, and being the shy person at a party sitting on a couch drawing in a sketchbook. Lisa is the creator of the comic series I Want You, published by Buenaventura/Pigeon Press. She recently finished work on a children's book to be published by McSweeney's, and has lately been taking the internet by storm with her hilarious movie reviews.

I love Lisa’s comics. They are laugh out loud funny. I was interested to hear she has aspirations towards performance. She posits that many cartoonists wish they could be stand-up comedians. I am not sure what the numbers are, but I’ve talked on The Ink Panthers Show about how maybe it would be nice to do stand-up as a “fall-back” career, if cartooning doesn’t pan out. It’s funny, I get very nervous before I do any public speaking. I even get nervous before I record podcasts with cartoonists I don’t know very well (such as Lisa). But I feel so good afterwards, in both situations – it’s why I keep doing it. Anytime I’ve ever done a live reading or podcast and felt like it went well, it’s been like a natural high afterwards. Lisa seems to be able to relate. Have a listen.

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3 Responses to Lisa Hanawalt

  1. Sabin says:

    I love her work!!! Totally listening to this but have to make sure I’m not inking so I don’t laugh and make some huge mistake. Why not have stand-up as a backup?… comics/comic all it takes is white-out and you’ve got a new career.

  2. Rob Clough says:

    What a delight she is. One of the funniest cartoonists alive.

  3. Mike Dawson says:

    Sabin – that is true. And, I could do lots of comics-themed material. Jokes about the Direct Market, PREVIEWS magazine, the Harvey Awards, etc. I’m sure to kill!

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