Liberation Now!

Well it's a new day here. Tim is still on vacation, my internet situation remains iffy, but we must soldier on.

Though I'm not going to get into the comments on my little screed last week,  I want to take a minute (despite my better instincts) and clarify a couple things for the record. First, it should be evident that the piece references the use of Kickstarter for one particular project, which, to me, represents a species of projects, by one kind of entity. It was not covering Kickstarter in general, or individual artists using Kickstarter, etc.  I'm glad it lead to discussion, but I certainly wasn't, as has been intimated, taking a position on Kickstarter in general. And second, I noticed some confusion about my role in the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival vis-a-vis what I wrote. BCGF is run by three people. It is not dictated by my tastes. It's run with the goal of making the best and most diverse festival possible, and in all cases the majority rules, not any one person's ideas. And that's it. Now on to important comic book business.

Today on the site we bring you Sean Rogers on Flex Mentallo and Grant Morrison's writing tropes. Here's a taste:

...So far, so good, right? Scope, complexity, ambition—all the hallmarks of a potentially expansive SF experience. But despite the abstract appeal of Morrison’s ideas and approach, there is very little enjoyment to be had in their execution, not least because he assails his readers with verbiage at once high-flown and ham-fisted. The Morrison touch—deployed everywhere, endlessly—is to crowd one high concept after another, reverently leaving each alone, never to return to any one idea again.

And finally, hey, all of TCJ will now also be available via Alexander Street Press, which provides digital archives to subscribing institutions.

Once again it must be a short post. More soon!

4 Responses to Liberation Now!

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  2. Jesse Post says:

    You said Mark Andrew Smith and James Stokoe look like schmucks.

  3. Brandon Graham says:

    I think Dan was just talking about the “movie-ready zombie-baseball graphic novel”
    With Stokoe as one of my closest pals and favorite artists I don’t think anyone would argue that that’s indeed what that book is. godzilla and Orc stain are his real work.

  4. Jesse Post says:

    Yeah, but they’re “individual artists” to whom the Kickstarter criticism was directly applied, not publishers, and not artists devoting their creative energy to a tribute to someone else.

    I’m guessing the argument is that because their concept was so commercially viable they shouldn’t have used crowdfunding and should have just gone and done it themselves. Or maybe it’s that they’re not really “underground.” I don’t know. But the argument was there.

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