Excerpt: “Meskin and Umezo”

Austin English is a cartoonist living in Brooklyn. His past books include Christina and Charles (Sparkplug), Gulag Casual (2dcloud) and The Enemy from Within (Sonatina). For the past three years, English has been working on a long-form story, "Meskin and Umezo". He hopes to complete it by early 2020. On view now at Marvin Gardens Gallery in New York is a solo exhibition of English's art, consisting of the first 46 pages of 'Meskin and Umezo'. The show runs until June 9th. Presented here is an excerpt of that work. 

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  1. Jon Holt says:

    I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be “Umezo” or “Umezu” (on the TCJ “cover” webpage, it reads (under the title) as UmeZU. Umezu Kazuo, right? Once I got to the 17th slide, I could see the Japanese (bookstore?) signs in kanji.
    Can someone confirm this (I realize that Ume-zo) is how it’s written in the images, but…the red-and-white-striped shirts are a trademark of Umezu Kazuo (Drifting Classroom, Orochi, etc.). Maybe at least clarify this in the opening blurb?

  2. Austin English says:

    The characters are references to Mort Meskin and Umezu Kazuo. Once I was a few pages in I realized I’d misspelled Umezu’s name, but since the references aren’t that important to begin with, I let the mistake go uncorrected. I didn’t want the story to be a cutesy cartoony reference project that I, for some reason, was less adverse to on page 1.

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