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Episode 2: Caitlin Skaalrud

On the second installment of Comic Book Decalogue, cartoonist Caitlin Skaalrud (Houses of the Holy) talks mermaids, art school, and Midwestern border feuds.


Houses076-077 - Copy

Jingle credits: Fanfares created by user primordiality, uploaded September 2009. Sounds included under Creative Commons licenses allowing for reuse.

4 Responses to Episode 2: Caitlin Skaalrud

  1. Kari Bahe says:

    Great interview. Great insight. Profound answer to #6. Wow! Caitlin Skaalrud!!

  2. EH says:

    Is there a plan to make Comic Book Decalogue available through itunes or an RSS feed for downloading?

  3. Tim Hodler says:

    Yes, we’re working on it.

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