Jack Kirby: Behind the LinesJack Kirby: Behind the Lines

“Trail May Lead to the Ends of Infinity”

A close reading of The Mighty Thor # 166 (July 1969). Continue reading


“Facts You Never Knew!!!”

Looking at some of Jack Kirby’s earliest published work. Continue reading


“If I Don’t Put this Dude Out of Action Now, We’re Both Chopped Liver!”

Jack Kirby’s Black Panther. Continue reading


“He is Awake — Must Carry Out Mission Programmed During War”

Captain America, Syd Shores, and the Marvel Method. Continue reading


“Who the Hell Was the Conscious and Clever Brains Behind the Marvel Phenomenon?”

Analyzing some recently unearthed Marvel documents. Continue reading


“I’m Gonna Open Sealed Door to Negative Zone!”

A look at the pencils for Fantastic Four # 61. Continue reading


“Do I Have the Guts to Defy Odin Once Again?”

A new column focusing on the authorship of Jack Kirby. Continue reading