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Brian Ralph: Day 2

Brian Ralph is the cartoonist of the Fall 2011 graphic novel, Daybreak, published by Drawn & Quarterly, and the cult classics Cave-In (Highwater) and the self-published Climbing Out. He is a former contributor to Giant Robot and presently is a Professor of Sequential Art at SCAD.


6 Responses to Brian Ralph: Day 2

  1. Rob Clough says:

    Can Brian Ralph start doing a daily diary strip as a regular thing, please?

  2. Agreed. I’d read a book of these, easy.

  3. Kurt Wolfgang says:

    “A bunch of years of Bone.” These are fuckin’ delightful. Brian should be dispatched around the globe to produce to produce diary comics.

  4. michael L says:

    is there an official directory somewhere of SCAD student/faculty diary comics? i doubt anything will top this but im interested!!

  5. Mae says:

    Getting worried about the state and blazé-ness of the scene.

  6. Frank Santoro says:

    And last year you were worried about the Blaise-ness of the scene

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