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Insight into the Meaning of the Universe: Catching Up with Jason Shiga

The Demon artist talks about his residency in France, the premise of The Box, and the importance of having Asian-American experiences in comic books. Continue reading


“It’s Not Some Form of Primal Scream Therapy”: An Interview with Tom Gauld

The Baking with Kafka cartoonist talks about the challenges and rewards of doing a weekly cartoon strip, why he doesn’t solicit feedback, and the person he’d most like to cast as James Bond.
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“Everything I Had to Say about My Life Is in That Book”: An Interview with Tillie Walden

The Spinning creator talks about memoir, her relationship with figure skating, the importance of representation, and Studio Ghibli. Continue reading


“We’ve Worked Side by Side for 25 Years”: Brigitte Findakly and Lewis Trondheim Interview

A conversation with the wife-and-husband team behind Poppies in Iraq, a memoir of Findakly’s childhood as an Orthodox Christian in Iraq. Continue reading


“It’s a Tricky Space to Be In”: An Interview with Jonny Sun

The artist slash engineer slash doctoral student slash Twitter personality slash author talks about putting together his first book, aliens as listeners, art as therapy, and deciding to stop being anonymous. Continue reading


“We’re All Freaking Out Together!”: An Interview with Hellen Jo

The cartoonist discusses her translation work on Yeon-sik Hong’s Uncomfortably Happily. Continue reading


“I Wanted the Reader to Really Suffocate with Him”: A Guy Delisle Interview

Creating Hostage. Continue reading


Talking to Pénélope Bagieu

The French cartoonist talks Mama Cass, her new graphic novel, and the Smurfette Syndrome. Continue reading