Archival Edition

Today, we have the fourth installment of Mark Siegel's tenure at A Cartoonist's Diary. Anxious Paul Pope fans will want to check this one out.

Dan's pal and fan-favorite Nick Gazin is back at the site after a long absence, with a photo report on last week's New York Art Book Fair, which has a stronger comics presence than you might expect.

Finally, Rob Clough has reviewed Glyn Dillon's first full-length graphic novel, The Nao of Brown.

Elsewhere on the site are a lot of headaches, but moving to other parts of the internet:

—Grantland has a lengthy excerpt from Sean Howe's must-read Marvel Comics: The Untold Story.

—Gary Panter has some drawing tips. (Via everyone.)

—And Matthias Wivel has a lengthy rant against what he considers to be the mediocrity of New Yorker cartoons. Although some of his complaints are valid (especially about the recent years), I rarely find myself disagreeing with one of Wivel's pieces as often as I did on this one. Anyway, Wivel's always worth reading. All the same, I recommend Richard Gehr's column for this site as an antidote when you're done.

4 Responses to Archival Edition

  1. Iestyn says:

    It’s a shame the Sim thread is dead. Bt i just loved the description of the TCJ editorial meetings wi Groth demanding people be compared to some for of Evil Well known ruler and Kim saying “no, no, no”.

    There’s a mini comic with that as a flip to Dan Nadel answering every problem a cartoonist has by shouting “sell your boots”

    You could even make an annoying dance track wi Dan as the chorus and Gary providing the verses.

    “call them hitler, mussolini or old stalin,
    Call them nixon, Bush or stupid Palin
    Everybody sell your boots!

    Yes it has been a long and very hard day

  2. J Lundberg says:

    And please, with a “Gagnam style”-type video.

  3. Matthias Wivel says:

    Thanks for reading my piece Tim! And great to see some disagreement — I would love to hear arguments as to why I’m wrong, especially since so far they haven’t really been forthcoming over at HU.

    Calling it a “rant” is perhaps a little unfair, though? There’s some animus mixed in, but I do try to argue my point cogently, even to the point of taking on mostly the best cartoonists instead of the countless bad ones.

  4. Tim Hodler says:

    Yes, you’re right, Matthias. It’s only a “rant” in the very loosest sense possible. Sloppy language on my part. I’d have to go back and look again to be sure, but if I remember correctly, my disagreements would generally be pretty tedious to go through, and mostly come down to taste (which is of course beyond dispute). But I’ll take another look when I get a chance and see if there isn’t something more interesting to say.

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