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A Trumped Up Tour

R. Sikoryak’s latest book is The Unquotable Trump (Drawn & Quarterly).  25% of all net proceeds from sales will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.   

5 Responses to A Trumped Up Tour

  1. Elgin Carver says:

    Well, here is a book I can easily miss.

  2. A fun article! My only question is if the Trump supporters who like the comic interpret it as being a compliment to him? Kind of like how people who hate Trump find the Antarctic Press spoof about him funny take-downs and his fans think they are funny homages? You clearly didn’t mean to be nice, but there’s that old thing about how you can’t control how folk respond to your art–with the people you’re trying to anger sometimes oddly enough enjoying what you do.

  3. R. Sikoryak says:

    Thanks, David! The responses have really been all over the map. As you say, there’s no way to predict how everyone will react to what you make.

  4. Joe musich says:

    Have to say I enjoyed if that word can apply to the circumstance of the times of the presentation that you and Shannon Wheeler reward the public with at SDCC. One might regard the work created as a one off but plenty of material seems to be evolving daily for a sequel. Clearly the mocking hilarity is the sharpest arrow in the quiver even tho it is a quill. Thanks for your services to the times. Be great to see you swing through the Minneapolis area.

  5. R. Sikoryak says:

    Thanks, Joe! The presentations I’ve done with Shannon have been great, both funny and deadly serious. Would love to come to Minneapolis sometime, we’ll see…

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