Zak Sally

After a little bit of a holidays related hiatus, I've dusted off the leather couches and re-entered the TCJ Talkie Hutt. This week I'm pleased to welcome my guest Zak Sally for a discussion about his new collection, Sammy the Mouse: Volume 1, which is soon to be released. I met Zak in Minneapolis this past November at the Minneapolis Indie Xpo (MIX), and was lucky enough to get to visit his studio and see the printing press that we discuss in the episode. It's always fascinating to see people's workspaces, and I enjoyed seeing the printing press in action.

In addition to being a cartoonist, Zak is also notably a musician, though we don't talk about that too much. Music is, unfortunately, a weak spot of mine. My taste is terrible, and I can't speak on the topic with any authority at all. Zak brings up the band Fugazi in the interview, and even though I am aware of them, and even had a lot of friends who talked about them all the time while I was in college during the appropriate years, I'm really not very familiar. I knew people who listened to them, and those people also often discussed DIY values and 'zine culture, so I understand the two are connected. But the sad truth is that while my classmates were listening to punk and underground bands, I was listening to George Michael's Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1, and this was something I didn't want to admit to Zak Sally. So I'll just admit it here.

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