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Joe McCulloch's week in comics plus a much-needed digression.

Eleanor Davis brings us day 2 of her diary.


Jules Feiffer's Kill My Mother has one of the oddest back cover blurb-fests ever. At this time in graphic novel publishing we can pretty much expect most of these usual suspects, but rarely all in one place. Stan Lee AND Chris Ware? But best of all Legion of Superheroes writer Paul Levitz, who continues his remarkable transformation from corporate comics apologist and perennial punchline to grand old man of comics. That aside, does anyone outside the superhero comic book industry even know who Paul Levitz is? Fascinating times we live in.


Still further into space:

I love no comedian more than I love Gilbert Gottfried. Drew Friedman shares my love, and writes about him here on the occasion of his appearance on Gilbert's podcast. Also very much worth your time: An amazing article on the comedian by the great Jay Ruttenberg, who has interviewed Friedman for TCJ. See how it all goes round and round?

And one of the only reasons I look at Facebook is that sometimes something like this happens: Robert Boyd's impromptu story of working for Roger Corman's comic book line.

Amazon is buying another thing. This time a live streaming video game service. It's always wise to track what Amazon buys.