What Started It

John Hilgart returns to the site with an interview with Elaine Lee and Michael Kaluta on their new Starstruck push.

Elaine – This book will have 80 new pages of very detailed sequential art that will need to be drawn, inked and lettered. Our basic goal is $44,000. That would allow Michael to finish the black and white artwork, me to finish the script and layout, pay for the lettering and print signed and numbered, hardback books and mail them. Plus, other incentives.

If we can get $69,000, the whole 140 pages will get new, fully painted, digital color. If we make what we need for the color, the painting can start right away on some of the many finished pages, while Michael is drawing new ones.

We’re hoping to finish the work by end of December of this year. Then we’re allowing a couple of months to get the books printed.

I used to love going to the previous iteration of this comic-con.

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