What Plans?

On the site today Rob Kirby reviews Sam Alden's new book.

Sam Alden is among the most gifted of the young cartoonists I’ve come across in recent years. He has already established a sizable, rabid fan base through his Tumblr and deservedly won the Promising New Talent nod at last year’s Ignatz Awards, amidst a strong list of nominees. The two stories featured in It Never Happened Again display Alden’s impressive strengths as a visual storyteller. They feature completely different settings and characters, but have in common protagonists in search of things ineffable—perhaps unattainable. Each story casts its own strange sort of spell, making for a very strong debut book.


Ron Rege on Inkstuds.

The Washington Post on She-Hulk. That's a frightening thing to write.

Looking forward to reading this book: The Amateurs, reviewed.

Hey, Bergen Street Comics is publishing its first bookish book.

I could look at 1000 photos like this and never ever get bored.

I was also fascinated by this X-Men comic book when I was a young teenager. Here's an article about its making.