What Else to Do

Here in Brooklyn it's really turned to summer -- hot smelly NYC summer is upon us. I sat outside yesterday and enjoyed, at different ends of the day, sunshine, orange juice, and ribs. Life! Joe McCulloch also knows it's summer and later today will have the comic book news to prove it!


I'm enjoying The New Yorker's new-ish forays into comics... there's this new one, for example. Worth checking in on.

After his Facebook money and Howard Stern appearance I sorta lost track of one-time early oughts comics sensation David Choe. The publicity around his recent mural in NYC has brought scrutiny to his alleged sexual misconduct in recent years. Hyperallergic has published a pretty brave and scathing essay on the matter. 

On a related note, I was moved by this story. Of course we don't need to applaud the extremely wealthy for  good deed, but this is a nice example of the insane culture market actually doing something good.