Walking Talking

On the site today:

Tucker Stone returns with some Daredevil, some Love and Rockets, some Abhay and some new comics, too.

And in case you haven't been following along, yesterday Dave Sim responded to Kim Thompson's thoughts over in our comments section. There will be more.


Tom Spurgeon brings us a definitive SPX recap.

And... links are dull today. Let me instead recommend a comic to you: Leslie Stein's epic story "Jonathan Part 1". Briefly, a single mother and her two children visit a friend and her child at the beach. The children play. The mother meets a man, Jonathan, and becomes involved. It's a seemingly casual tour of a very rocky emotional landscape (childhood, parents and parental figures, illness), drawn with a care and devotion I hardly ever see anymore. Leslie's pointillist panels reveal a ton but never impede the story -- and instead kind of float along as the weight of the characters accumulates. That's kind of what I mean by "epic" -- this comic brings you through multiple stations of life in just 17 pages, compressing tumultuous child and adult needs and emotions into a handful of events. Anyhow, there's your weekend reading.