Waking Up

Today, because our aim is to distract you from your troubles by gazing at those of others we bring you part one of Matthias Wivel's epic telling of the recent doings at L'Association.

L’Association, which has helped rewrite the rules of comics over the last twenty years, has been in an existential crisis over the last eight months or so, a crisis that went from a widely publicized strike by the employees and the election of a new editorial board consisting of six of the seven original co-founders—most of whom had been estranged from the publisher for years—to the departure of Jean-Christophe Menu, the controversial sole and de facto director of L’Association since 2006.


I guess because he's just awesome, Jim Rugg has compiled the Top Ten Greatest Vein Artists in Comics History (for, uh, November).


Anders Nilsen is interviewed at The Onion and inadvertently reviews the new Tintin movie. Score.

This latest Kickstarter project is news to me, but th
e irony of raising money to pay tribute to an aesthetic that made tons of money is not lost on me, or, I bet, the creators.

I like getting updates on past employees of Drawn & Quarterly because after so many years they're like long lost cousins or something. (I know, I know, add emoticons here).