Up There

Hey, I'm back. Today, as per tradition, we have Joe McCulloch on the week ahead in comics.

Elsewhere, a few notes:

The publishing company 2D Cloud has launched a Kickstarter to help with its expansion. I like 2D Cloud very much, and in particular I like how the "brand" (for example, I have no clue who owns it) is less important than the books. That's refreshing nowadays. I remain skeptical about the viability of crowdfunding in the longterm, and lately have been wondering if the whole small publishing world is becoming overcrowded with books and imprints. How much can the market support? I know how finite it is, so... huh. We'll see. Anyhow, any company that published Mark Connery has my vote.

I admittedly have paid almost no attention (aside from Joe's article last week, which, in a pre-wedding fervor I admit to skimming) to Alan Moore's Electricomics, but here's a tour of it that intrigues me.

Here's a critique of Sunday night's Walt Disney documentary.