It's Monday here, and we begin the week lightly, even with a touch of mellow.

-Yesterday Frank's latest column, complete with bonus cartoon and boycott notice, hit the internet!

-Today R. Fiore brings us a typically brilliant and discursive review of Luc Besson's version of Jacques Tardi's The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec.

-And from the archives, Gary Groth's 1993 interview with Jim Woodring.

And now... a few links!

-Tom Spurgeon has an excellent interview with Brannon Costello, the editor of Howard Chaykin: Conversations. I also thoroughly enjoyed this book, and recommend it as a fascinating document not just of Chaykin's evolving ideas, but also of the comics "scene" itself, and the various levels within it. Chaykin's takes on the underground, Maus, and other topics show a man grappling with the fast-changing medium he loves. The book also gets into his return to comics in recent years, as well as his years in television. In all the hubbub around the canonical figures of comics, it's too easy to forget about the important, more pulp-oriented artists like Chaykin.

-Also, via Comics Reporter, a profile of Mr. Paul Karasik.

-The Beat asks who is selling off all the great Barks work on Heritage.

Ok, see you soon.