Justin Green

Remembering Justin Green

An extraordinary group of artists, friends and admirers has been gathered by John Kelly to pay tribute to the great Justin Green, one of the most influential and powerful storytellers of the underground generation.

George Hansen

Reamed, Not Hardly

After decades spent in the underground comics trenches, playing music and fighting careerist temptations, George Hansen has settled into a nice routine: “making the animals happy”. Bob’s ready to take a look, we’ll let Goshkin keep the score.

Tom Veitch

Tom Veitch, 1941-2022

Tom Veitch, well known amongst comics readers for his underground comics with Greg Irons and popular runs on Star Wars comics has passed away due to complications related to COVID-19.

On Zap

A few thoughts about Zap and its place in comics and culture.

Zap: Censorship and Suppression

America at mid-twentieth century was chock full of self-appointed, blue-nosed guardians of good taste who tried to control what could be shown in popular media and insisted that everyone follow their rules.