Fake Bonanza (This Week’s Links)

Ryan is so plugged into comics this week that you’ll swear the back of his skull has giant cables hanging out of it, and those cables are hooked up to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Specifically, the Unknown Soldier as depicted by Garth Ennis and Kilian Plunkett in the 1997 Vertigo mini-series of the same name!

My Agenda’s Got A Different Twirl (This Week’s Links)

The sands of time may fall through the webbings of your fingers, but the sands of comics news won’t…for Ryan Flanders, who has hands similar to the feet of an American duck, allowing the granules of comics news to stick, for future linking. That future is now!

Never Fight a Man with a Perm (This Week’s Links)

Never start your weekend without Ryan Flanders and his links. Never! If you start your weekend without Ryan’s links oh no I will be so terribly upset. That was my soup! I threw that soup at the wall because you just didn’t care enough!