La Belle Dame Sans Merci – This Week’s Links

Once again, another week of comics news has arrived: reader, which story while you click on solely for the purpose of the intoxicating rage its narrative will provide? It’s a personal question that only you can answer, with that answer laying beyond the risen shore: begin your journey to truth now.

See You At The Beginning, Friend – This Week’s Links

Information: it’s what you want, and it’s been guaranteed. But what kind, you ask? What kind of information do we have at hand? Information about comics, the kind you ingest with your eyes, after using your fingers to click. Step up and begin: the attainment of knowledge awaits!

Tapping On The Aquarium Glass – This Week’s Links

The news is coming in hot, and these days, they might try to steal it from you AFTER it’s been served: so get to clicking before it’s too late. Clark has it broken down into categories like reviews, news, interviews–and when it comes to prioritization, pal, you better just take all of it. Safety in numbers!

Stay Away From The Cans – This Week’s Links

2021 is off to a roaring start, and who knows what news stories will attempt to stand between you and your comics awareness? Arm yourself with the links you need to stay informed about the sequential narrative you remain obsessed with: and then arm yourself again, with petulance!

Rip It Up And Start Again – This Week’s Links

Beginnings. Endings. Awards. Lists. Talking. Comics. Words. Periods After Words. Underlined words and phrases. The comics news has arrived! Clark is ready to send you out, shooting through the tubes, so that you may rest yourself upon it!

Another Fine Mess – This Week’s Links

You can’t stop the news, even if you try really, really hard, even if it is bad for you and you ask for help. So why not focus on the part of the news wherein you can have dominion: the comics news? Get started here, with all the links you’ll ever need!

Well, We’re Back In The Car Again – This Week’s Links

While the world continues its inexorable slide, comics keeps doing its version of violins on the Titanic. No, no one is interested in the “real story” of what happened back then: we’re here for Clark to tell us about all the reviews, news and interviews from the past week, pal!

Better Than A Kick In The Shins – This Week’s Links

As we roll into another weekend, Clark’s here with all the links to the world of comics: their reviews, their interviews, their announcements of transmedia intellectual property development and how this benefits people financially and is therefore a moral good that you cannot rankle at, no matter how distasteful you find its participants. Also: super-heroes!

In The House Of Flies – This Week’s Links

Will there ever be news again? Oh buster: of course there will be! Why, here’s a whole week’s worth of it to sink your teeth into, and it’s all about comics, comic books, and things that are comics but other people call “properties” or “content”, while blood pours out of their eyes! Click away!

Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction) – This Week’s Links

It’s time to check in for your weekly dose of comics news and links: there’s a lot of shows to catch up on, new pieces of writing on old pieces of comics, and Clark’s found it all–no stone is unturned. In fact, if you believe you’ve got an unturned stone: you’re a filthy liar!

Absolute Terror Field – This Week’s Links

Clark’s collection of comics news & reviews this week inadvertently makes the case that certain people in comics–a large number of them–might benefit from examining the oldest of mysteries: “looking at a calendar”.