Nathan Gelgud: Day Three

As work begins to dry up, Nathan finds himself with some time for reading: but you’re never going to guess what subject haunts his trip to the history section.

Nathan Gelgud: Day Two

In today’s installment of Nathan’s Diary, the pandemic is creeping its way into one of the most simple pleasures that Nathan has left: tunes!

Nathan Gelgud: Day One

A new Cartoonist’s Diary begins, with Nathan Gelgud grappling with the all new challenges inherent in something as simple as going to the grocery store.

Koyama Press

Excerpt: House In The Jungle

Thanks to Koyama Press, we’re pleased to share this excerpt of Nathan Gelgud’s latest work, House In The Jungle. In it, a potent pineapple dealing hermit’s transcendental quest is disrupted by the encroaching townspeople he supplies. Then things get weird!