Joe Decie: Day Five

A night out with friends presents an artistic dilemma for this week’s cartoonist. How will Joe cope?

Joe Decie: Day Three

Animal waste didn’t stop Mozart, and construction noise didn’t silence Kirby–and they won’t slow Joe Decie down either!

Joe Decie: Day Two

It’s okay to keep a sock that’s not yours–but first, you’ve got to due some diligence. Let Joe Decie show you the path!

Joe Decie: Day One

We all have the chance to be the Pied Piper in our own lives–just don’t miss the opportunity when it appears. Joe is here: let Decie Week begin!

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Shadow Puppets

The first installment of a new monthly column, in which the cartoonist Julia Gfrörer uses principles of psychoanalysis, philosophy, and comparative mythology to deliberately overthink the symbolic language of comics.