“Whatever The Image Is, It’s Gotta Fit”: An Interview With Hurk

Joe Decie catches up with cartoonist Hurk just as Avery Hill prepares the release of his “crime caper” graphic novel, Jinx Freeze. Has Hurk forgiven the Trix rabbit? What are his favorite parts of making comics? How seriously should one take people who wish to be taken seriously? The answers to these questions, and more, are only to be found here.

The Nate Powell Interview

In this expansive interview, Nate Powell describes the experience of working with Congressman John Lewis and writer Andrew Aydin on the widely popular March trilogy, his most recent non-fiction comics work Save It For Later, and how his work and parenting has been informed and changed by the American political climate of the last four years.

Inside Chartwell Manor: a Chat with Glenn Head

Mark catches up with Glenn Head, whose recent memoir Chartwell Manor touches upon trauma, Satan, sex and the other horrors of youth–with a healthy dose of the kind of honesty found in the underground comics that lit his creative fire.

“If The Marks Are Perfect, How Can You Relate To Them?”: An Interview with Gareth Brookes

Gareth Brookes may be responsible for the first comic about historical medieval plagues that was inspired by a real life Drake related Tik Tok craze, and if he’s not, he’s certainly responsible for the first one to be made utilizing pyrography. Joe Decie catches up with the cartoonist about why Brookes keeps attacking the page…and whether he can even stop himself at this point.

The Frank Thorne Interview

CW: This post contains explicit, drawn pornographic images. In this conversation from The Comics Journal #280 (January 2007), Frank Thorne talks about a cartooning career that ultimately spanned more than 60 years. He worked in genres such as SF, sword and sorcery and history on comic books and strips — most notably, on Marvel’s Red Sonja title — before following his bliss.