The 2020 Report: Day Five

Today, Abhay is looking the stories surrounding Jason Latour, Scott Lobdell and others, as well as the convention bar scene that often surrounds these stories.

The 2020 Report: Day Four– More Interviews!

Today, Abhay is talking to Laurenn McCubbin & Kim O’Connor, about what was wrong with the Warren Ellis Forum, what is wrong with The Comics Journal, and what steps the rest of us have to take, even after we burn those things down.

2020 Report Day: Day Three– Interviews!

Today, Abhay Khosla is speaking with Jhayne Faust Holmes, Janelle Asselin, and an anonymous third party about the So Many Of Us activist and support network, a brief contemporary history of the comic book community’s complete disinterest in dealing with its offenders, and what a future could and should look like.

The 2020 Report: Day Two

Today, Abhay is looking at Warren Ellis, the culture born, cultivated and promoted on his (in)famous message board, and the hardwork of enabling performed by his sycophantic, careerist supporters.

The 2020 Report

Abhay Khosla is here to catch you up what’s been happening in comics recently (and for years), what some guy just got exposed for (lots of stuff, for a long time), and how we think you should feel about it (not good!)