Tom Kaczynski

Tom Kaczynski is my guest in the TCJ Talkie Hutt this week. Tom is well known for the excellent run of short stories he created for the MOME anthology, while that was still a going concern. I hear he has a story in issue 22, which I’ve yet to see, so I am looking forward to that. Tom’s comics have also appeared in The Drama and The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2009.

I had a lot of fun with this chat, but I may have broken a few cardinal rules of interviewing people with this one. 1) I kind of glossed over a lot of the biographical background and Tom's early interest in comics, though I did my best to get back to it later on in the conversation. I think I was just too excited to talk about communism, so I kind of dived right on into it. And 2) I referred quite heavily to pages and quotes from Tom’s minicomics, “The Trans Series”. These comics are fascinating reads, full of any number of interesting ideas, each of which could lead to a conversation or a debate. But, unfortunately, as is the nature of minicomics, this stuff isn’t widely available in stores (though they can be purchased online here). So, I worry there may be many listeners who aren’t intimately familiar with the work.

If it’s some small consolation, I clipped a couple of jpegs from the minis, which you can see below. These are some of the pages we talk about in the conversation. I do urge everyone to pick them up if they can, or hold out for a collected edition, which I am sure is somewhere along the pipeline.

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