The Judge

Well today we have Cynthia Rose on the work of Nine Antico, who will soon have her first English-language book out towards the end of the year.

Working with a novel-like accumulation of detail, Antico tells their stories using cinematic ploys. Her books move via close-ups and long shots, establishing frames and jump cuts. She also plays with narrative structures and often shifts our point of view, pulling back in order to reveal that things were not what they seemed. Although her characters are drawn realistically, sections of their faces, figures or surroundings are missing. She handles everything to do with her art, including the color, herself.

And Hazel Cills reviews Mis(h)adra.

“No way. This can’t be right,” Mis(h)adra’s protagonist, Isaac, wonders ominously in a flashback, “This is me?” It’s a scary question to contemplate for someone experiencing an epileptic seizure for the first time. Iasmin Omar Ata’s comic Mis(h)adra is a story about the daily life and struggles of Isaac, a college student who’s just trying to get through parties, midterms, and his struggles with epilepsy. 


Slow news day....

I saw bits of this, but this might be the first complete listing of the ICAF / OSU schedule. Sounds good.

As long as Gabrielle keeps making comics I'll keep linking to them. And this one is really good.

This Ryan Cecil Smith mini-comic sounds cool.