That’s a Wrap

Today, Tucker Stone offers his weekly spit-take on new genre comics, with assistance this time from Joe McCulloch and Abhay Khosla.

And the indefatigable Rob Clough reviews Luke Pearson's lovely-looking Hilda and the Midnight Giant.

Elsewhere, we have the first of what I expect will soon be a flood of new interviews with Alison Bechel based around her new memoir. This one was conducted by Maud Newton for Barnes & Noble.

Andrei Molotiu has posted his introduction to the catalog for "Party Crashers: Comic Book Culture Invades the Art World," a show that appeared at the Arlington Art Center in late 2010.

Today would have been Walter Lantz's birthday, and Gary Panter has a tribute to him. Tomorrow would have been Bill Blackbeard's birthday, and Caitlin McGurk has a tribute to him.

Bill K sent me this Nadja Spiegelman blog post on doing research for her latest YA Toon Book.

The often controversial Domingos Isabelinho gets nice in this fine short essay on the cartoonist John Porcellino.